Framingham Amateur Radio Association
  Serving the Framingham Armateur Radio Community      for over 75 years!
  An ARRL Affiliated Club

The FARA Sunday Night Net begins every Sunday at 7:30PM on the FARA 147.150 MHz (no PL) repeater. All licensed hams are welcome to check in and participate in the "Ham question of the Week".    

Net Control Operators: Click here for net control script

FARA Net Control Schedule

Net Control Operators

7/10   8/7   9/14  10/2


7/3  7/31 8/28  9/25        

Eric   KB1PJN

6/26  7/24  8/21  9/18

Sumner W1VIV

6/19  7/17  8/14  9/11        

Steve KB1NIV

If you're interested in being a net control, contact

Backup net control is next week's net control.
Backup runs net if net has not started by 7:35.


1. Please speak clearly, and close to your microphone.
2. Your station should be strong enough for full quieting.
3. If any FARA officers check in, Net Control should request an update on club announcements, meeting dates, topics etc. In some cases, of course, the NCS may be aware of this information and can announce it.
4. Start promptly at 19:30 local time.]
[Wait for repeater ID and idle (beep)]

 "CALLING THE FARA NET, CALLING THE FARA NET!  FARA is the Framingham Amateur Radio Association, an active club of interested amateur radio operators.  Our purpose is two fold - to enjoy activities with our fellow hams, and to offer education to our members and others in order to advance their ham radio skills.  To learn more about FARA, go to our website at 

Good evening.  This is [your name and call], Net Control, about to convene a regular session of the FARA Sunday Evening Net.  This is a directed net, so all communication should be as requested by the Net Control only.

The first call is for mobile stations, Echolink or IRLP check-ins only.  To be sure you're not doubling, please check in by saying "this is", then dropping your carrier, waiting for the beep, and then give your call. Mobile, Echolink or IRLP stations only, please call now."

[Wait for check-ins]

[As each station identifies, write down his call]

[When no more mobile, Echolink or IRLP stations check in, say:]

" I have the following check-ins:"  [Run down the list of check-ins.]

After all mobiles, Echolink or IRLP stations have checked in, make any announcements here. [The reasoning is that mobiles will go out of range quickly, and Echolink and IRLP stations time out.]

Announce the Ham Radio Test Question of the Night. 

Mobile stations give answers to test question, along with any other net-related comments.

 [Next, call for fixed stations.]

"Are there any fixed stations wishing to check into the net?"

[Handle them the same as the mobiles]

[When there are no more check-ins, read back the list of fixed stations]

Repeat the Ham Radio Test Question of the Night. 

Fixed stations give answers to test question, along with any other net-related comments.  After all have made their comments, take another standby for new check-ins.  If there are any, repeat the above.

Next, give the answers to the test questions.  Discuss the answers.  Congratulate those who got it right.

[When all comments have been made, and there are no more check-ins, then you say:]

" Thank you all for checking in [List Check-Ins]; we hope to hear you again next week.  This is [your call], net control, closing the FARA net at [time] and returning the repeater to regular use."

 Further comments on the Test Question of the Week:

It is good to come up with questions where each participant has to provide a different answer, to avoid copying.  Example: a different "Q" signal for each person, or a different DX prefix for each person.  Also, multiple choice questions are good, with 4 possible answers, similar to those in the Q&A books.  Try to avoid "ham radio trivia" questions.  The purpose of the Question of the Week is the continuing education of our members, and you generally don’t learn useful information from a trivia question.

Please prepare your Test Question of the Week in advance.

Thank you for your service to FARA!