Framingham Amateur Radio Association
  Serving the Framingham Amateur Radio Community      for over 75 years!
  An ARRL Affiliated Club


 Located inside MEMA Headquarters on RT 9 in Framingham.,. the 147.150 MHz Repeater provides coverage to a 20+ mile radius of Framingham, MA

Antenna - Omnidirectional 6 db. gain atop a 75 foot lower.
Duplexer - Sinclair Q2330 Series Duplexer
Transmitter/Receiver - Motorola MSF5000  VHF 100 Watts

Repeater Controller - NHRC7
User Access - RX  147.750 MHz,  TX 147.150 MHz, PL 100  IRLP Node 4355
Hopkinton Repeater Link Radio - Motorola GM 300 UHF  tied to repeater controller.